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Our audience of aspiring and established entrepreneurs are inspired to persevere throughout their entrepreneurial journey. You will hear first-hand stories of success, resilience through failure, and how to become a master in your field.

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Shifting Your Mission with Andres Klaric

My guest on today’s episode of The En Factor is Andres Klaric. Andres is the co-founder of Fuse Finance, a next-generation loan origination software that builds custom workflows and integrations without compromising scalability and security. …

There’s No Safe Journey in Entrepreneurship with Brooke Evans

Welcome to The En Factor, conversations with entrepreneurs. I’m Rebecca White and my guest on today’s episode is Brooke Evans. After graduating from Florida State University, Brooke began her career in public accounting. Since then,…


Mastering Public Speaking with Brenden Kumarasamy

Brenden is a public speaking coach, the founder and president of MasterTalk, and is passionate about helping people build confidence through the development of public speaking skills. Leaning into his mission to serve others, Brenden…

520 RuleBorn EntrepreneurCoachingCultureFearPublic SpeakingQITTrust

Diving into the Boating Industry with Veteran Matthew Nauss

Welcome to The En Factor, conversations with entrepreneurs.  I’m Rebecca White and my guest on today’s episode is Matthew Nauss. Matthew has a B.S. in Entrepreneurship from the University of Tampa where he started fostering…

ArmyBoat-ShowsBoatingEntrepreneur CenterNetworks and networkingPandemicSupply ChainYachts

From Risk-Taking to Resilience with Enrico Casati

Welcome to the En Factor, conversations with entrepreneurs who started, stumbled, and succeeded. I’m Rebecca White and today I am talking with Italian entrepreneur, Enrico Casati. Enrico studied at top business schools in Milan, Shanghai,…


The Power of Loving What You Do with Ennio Adinolfi

Welcome to the En Factor, conversations with entrepreneurs who started, stumbled and succeeded. Today I am recording in the University of Salerno incubator, located in the Campania region of Italy. My guest today is Ennio…


Putting Your Dreams into Action with Emily Bagan

On today’s episode, Dr. White talks with freelance artist Emily Bagan. Since graduating from the University of Tampa, Emily has been fostering her entrepreneurial mindset through her creative talents. Emily is a lover of music…

ArtBrand BuildingCompetitionConsistencyEntrepreneur CenterPitchingSelf DoubtSocial Media

The Power of an Entrepreneur’s Team w/ Peter Sayer

Our guest today on The En Factor is Peter Sayer. Peter is the founder and CEO of businesses such as FlexPath Capital, which delivers affordable capital, insurance, and practice management tools that facilitate growth. He…

Automotive IndustryFailureFamilyFintechMotivationStrategicTacticalTeams

Navigating College to Landing Shark Tank w/ Sam Chason

Today’s guest on The En Factor is Founder and CEO of Storage Scholars, Sam Chason. Sam’s entrepreneurial spirit developed at a young age starting lemonade stands at 5 years old, and his own landscaping businesses…

Business ModelCollegeEntrepreneurial MindsetPandemicPartner(ships)

Building the Immigrant Academy with Anjali Nair

Anjali is a marketing strategist, influencer, and founder of The Immigrant Academy. She moved to the US after getting married, where she started a blog to document her experiences as a new immigrant, and quickly…

AudiencesCoachingEntrepreneurial EcosystemImmigrantStartupsTarget Market

Make Shift to Sustainability with Caleb Quaid

Caleb Quaid is a Regenerative Consultant and founder of Regenerative Shift -an environmental consulting firm that focuses on assisting businesses and communities with the transition to regenerative practices. He recently worked with Raymond James Stadium…

Green EntrepreneurshipOpportunity RecognitionResilienceSustainability

Discovering Personal Purpose with Greg Sloan

Greg Sloan, is a Chief Purpose Officer and Co-Founder of Go Beyond, a People Development company that combines Behavioral Science and Technology to create a more prosperous workforce. Greg is an alumnus of Georgia State…

Career DevelopmentEntrepreneurial MindsetOpportunity RecognitionPassionRegenerativeSustainability

Learn more about BlockChain with Cory Hymel

Cory Hymel leads all things Web3 as the Director of Blockchain at Gigster, a company dedicated to helping businesses develop software applications with the speed of a startup, coupled with the quality and expertise of…

BlockchainSoftwareStartupsTechnology Entrepreneurship

How to Excel in Marketing and Sales- w/Jonathan Lubic

Today’s guest is Jonathan Lubic. Jonathan and his co-founder Alex Onaindia, created Distinction Agency, a full-service firm that specializes in athlete and influencer marketing. They represent the finest content creators in entertainment, food, lifestyle, sports…

Content CreationMarketingPartner(ships)Technology Entrepreneurship

Building an Elite Organization- w/Don Wenner

Today’s guest is Don Wenner. Don is the founder and CEO of DLP Real Estate Capital, a multi-faceted company that leads & inspires the building of wealth & prosperity through the execution of innovative real…

Entrepreneurial VenturesInnovationReal Estate

Harnessing the Power of Resilience- w/Kamerion Wimbley

Kamerion Wimbley is a former NFL player who is now an experienced entrepreneur. Kamerion was in the NFL for 9 years playing for the Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders and Tennessee Titans. Since starting his business,…

InnovationInvestingSocial EntrepreneurshipSocially ConsciousSports Entrepreneurship

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness- w/Ian Adair

Today’s guest is Ian Adair. Ian is a nonprofit industry influencer, mental health advocate, TEDx speaker, and recognized expert in leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management. He is the author of Stronger Than Stigma. A Call…

LeadershipMental Health AwarenessNonprofitsSelf Care

Advice on Becoming a Great CEO- w/Trey Taylor

Trey Taylor is an expert at strategic planning for C-suit leaders and the author of his new best-selling book titled A CEO Only Does Three Things. Trey has over 20 years of experience with practical…

CEOEntrepreneurial ConsultingFinanceInsuranceLeadership Strategy

The Power of Building a Winning Team- w/Hugh Campbell

Hugh Campbell is the Co-Founder of AC4S Technologies, a tech support company based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Hugh has launched five companies and is a seasoned entrepreneur in the technology space. In Today’s episode, Hugh…

InnovationLeadership StrategyTeamsTechnology Entrepreneurship

Turn Problems Into Opportunities – w/Bill McGill

Bill McGill is the founder and Executive Chairman of MarineMax, the nation’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer. Bill is an award-winning boating industry leader with over 40 years of experience. He has led MarineMax…

MotivationOpportunity RecognitionPassion

Alleviate Poverty with Entrepreneurship – w/Michael Morris

Michael Morris is a professor of entrepreneurship and social innovation of the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame, where he focuses on new venture creation, social entrepreneurship and innovation; corporate…

Economic DevelopmentEntrepreneurship EducationPoverty ReductionSocial Entrepreneurship

Creative Careers: Making a Living with Your Ideas w/Jeff Madoff

B. Jeffrey Madoff is a film producer, director, playwriter and entrepreneur. He is the founder of New York City based video production company, Madoff Productions, and author of Creative Careers: Making a Living With Your Ideas. Jeff has edited and directed award winning commercials, documentaries…

Career DevelopmentProduction IndustryStartups

The Future of Entrepreneurship Education – w/ Colin Jones

Colin Jones is a seasoned entrepreneur, entrepreneurship educator, researcher, and author. For over 20 years, Colin has taught and written on entrepreneurship education, academic development, and heutagogy at institutions such as the University of Southern…

ConfidenceEntrepreneurialSelf Reflection

Using Innovation To Fight The Pandemic – w/Adam Labadie

Adam Labadie is the owner and CEO of The Arch Cart Sanitizer. In unprecedented times, where we are experiencing a global pandemic, Adam has created a possible solution for a safer shopping experience, an automated…

EntrepreneurshipOpportunity RecognitionPivotingProduct DevelopmentTechnology Entrepreneurship

Take Big Risks and Just Get Started – w/Nicholas Hinrichsen

Today’s guest is Nicholas Hinrichsen, who went to Stanford Business School in 2011 and started a digital automotive retail company after graduating in 2013. Nicholas and his co-founder Chris Coleman went through the startup accelerator YCombinator and raised…

AcceleratorsIncubatorsTechnology Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship, Innovation & The Future of Work – Ian Barkin

Ian Barkin is an entrepreneur, investor, educator, speaker, and executive. He is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Symphony Ventures, which helps enterprises leverage the latest robotic process automation, intelligent automation and innovative resourcing…

EntrepreneurshipInnovationTechnology Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in the Love Business – Amber Kelleher-Andrews

Amber Kelleher-Andrews is an internationally renowned relationship expert, professional matchmaker, TV Personality, film producer, and philanthropy enthusiast. She is the CEO of global matchmaking firm, Kelleher International. Founded in 1984, Kelleher International continues to set the gold…

Family BusinessMatch MakingPhilanthropy

Hard Work & Determination Pays Off – Selma Sayin

Selma Sayin has a classic entrepreneurship story demonstrating the heights at which passion, determination and hard work can take anyone. What started as a simple thank you gesture to customers of her day job, grew…

DeterminationEntrepreneurial MindsetHard WorkResilience

Joe Hodges on the Future of Healthcare

Joe Hodges is the former founder and president of Americlaim Solutions and INETICO. His most recent accomplishment is a new venture called CareValet, aimed at solving the consumer healthcare access maze. As an industry pioneer…

EntrepreneurshipHealthcare InnovationTechnology Entrepreneurship

Chuck Papageorgiou's Principles for Business

This episode features entrepreneur, technologist and innovator, Chuck Papageorgiou. Chuck is the founder and CEO of WorldWatch Plus, a successful AI-powered global risk information exchange platform which he has grown from its 2007 inception to…

Entrepreneurial MindsetResilienceTechnology Entrepreneurship

Geoff Haynes' Mindset for Success

Geoff is a long-time serial entrepreneur, innovation expert and current president of Ra Power Pro. Geoff began his career in the marketing department of BMW, working on the highly regarded “Ultimate Driving Machine Campaign”. He…

CuriosityEntrepreneurial MindsetNetworks and networkingOpportunity RecognitionResilience
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