A Side Hustle to a Successful Podcast, learn this journey with Hala Taha

Hala is the Founder and CEO of YAP Media, a full-service social media and podcast marketing agency for top podcasters, celebrities and CEOs projected to generate over $1M in revenue in its first year.

Hala is also the host of Young and Profiting Podcast, which is frequently ranked as a #1 Education podcast across all apps.

She previously worked in corporate marketing for 7 years at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Disney Streaming Services, handling social media, email marketing, event planning, and internal communications.

Hala founded YAP in April 2018 as a side hustle and managed to grow it as the #1 trending education podcast, and employed 30 people in the last 1-2 years, all while working full time as Disney Streaming Services.

We are excited to learn more about YAP and how Hala achieved success through this conversation.

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