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Can I help you give your teaching a fun, easy, and impactful boost with my podcast 🎙️?

My name is Rebecca and I’m a longtime entrepreneurship educator and researcher.

Over the last few years I’ve transformed my own teaching practice by including the right kind of podcast episodes in my courses.

Here’s why I use them:

  • It’s like putting guest speakers in my students’ pockets – they learn from leading entrepreneurs on the bus, in the coffee shop, or wherever they might be
  • They seem to love the conversations, and not even realize they’re learning
  • It gives me a great foundation and accelerates us into much deeper conversations
  • It takes much less classroom or organizational time than inviting guest speakers, and still allows us to learn the hard-earned lessons
  • Our Episode Explorer allows me to pick the perfect episode every time
  • It makes for an easy and meaningful assignment if I have to travel to conferences
  • It’s free, which the students appreciate
  • There’s almost no prep for me at all!

Get started below 👇 or please take a moment to learn more.

The En Factor® Podcast

Conversations with Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Dr. Rebecca White

Our audience of aspiring and established entrepreneurs are inspired to persevere throughout their entrepreneurial journey. You will hear first-hand stories of success, resilience through failure, and how to become a master in your field.

Who’s the En Factor® podcast for?

Who’s the podcast for?


Future entrepreneurs who won’t have time to create products or services nobody wants.

Corporate innovators

Future corporate innovators who’ll want to challenge the status quo, break into new revenue streams, or find more meaning in their work.

Social and nonprofit leaders

Future leaders who’ll need to find better ways to serve the people who depend on them.


Future solopreneurs who want a winning side gig and are nervous about taking the leap.

How is the learning experience different?

How is it different?

The competencies gained are rigorous and deeply practical because all of the learning is based on the real-life experiences of my guests:

Kevin Harrington

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur and original Shark from the hit TV series, SharkTank. He shares his journey of how he was able to build a multimillion-dollar empire from the ground up.

Christina Sparks

Christina is the founder and CEO of Soulgani activewear, a high quality U.S. based and U.S. made activewear company. In working for over a decade in corporate leadership roles, Christina took a leap in 2018 and became her own boss.

Danny Mastronardo

Danny is co-founder and owner of Nardo’s Natural Organic Skincare. He was able to take $6,000 from the sale of his brother’s old car and, with his brothers, turn it into a multi-million dollar company that made its debut on ABC’S hit show, Shark Tank, landing a deal that lead to their extraordinary success.

Lisa Druxman

Lisa is the founder and CEO of FIT4MOM, the nation’s leading company for pre and postnatal health, wellness and fitness programs for every date of motherhood.

Caue Suplicy

Caue Suplicy is the CEO and co-founder of Barnana, a multimillion-dollar business that uses sustainability practices to create organic snacks, while also supporting fair farming practices among indigenous communities in South America. 

Bonnie Harvey and Michael Houlihan

Bonnie and Michael are founders of Barefoot Wine and authors of the best-selling book, “The Barefoot Spirit.” In this episode, they share the details of how they turned a collections nightmare into America’s #1 wine brand. 

Edouard Carrie

Edouard is the founder and CEO of Environmental Cleaning Solutions S.A. (ECSSA), a recycling company that has taken steps to address the issues of sanitation and employment in Haiti. 

You and your students will hear the voices of my experienced podcast guests and go behind the scenes on how they leveraged successes, overcame failures, and grew their own personal practices in entrepreneurial thinking. Your students will be directed to the most insightful moments and I’ll distill what I hear using my own experiences as an entrepreneur and innovation coach. You’ll be amazed by the depth of experience they’ll be able to tap into as you help them build their entrepreneurial competencies.

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The SDR model

SDR stands for See, Do, Repeat – the model I use in my book and as an organizing framework for the podcast:

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