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My name is Rebecca and I love helping people level up their lives, their careers, and their teams by building an entrepreneurial practice.

I’m guessing you’re interested in entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset, and if that’s the case then you’ve come to right place.

Get started or get in touch below, or please take a moment to learn more about where I come from and why I do this work.

I want to share what I have learned but, in these pages and resources, I also want to share the first hand stories of many of the entrepreneurs I have been able to work with and meet over the years. These are people just like you – they had ideas, they had fears but they found their way to the practice of entrepreneurship and to levels of success that often went way beyond their initial dreams.

I invite you to …

Get inspired

Get to know some truly amazing entrepreneurs – all of whom started out just like you. And hear their entrepreneurial practices in action through the En Factor podcast.

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Go on an exciting and empowering journey with me as your guide in my new book See, Do, Repeat: The Practice of Entrepreneurship. Learn the practice and apply it to your context.

Deepen your practice

Check out the Exploring the Practice of Entrepreneurship Guidebook which uses the principles of self-explored learning to offer exercises that help you build the skills needed to reach your goals.

Take the assessment

Take the See, Do, Repeat (SDR) competency assessment™ which has been designed to enhance your personal practice of entrepreneurship, in conjunction with the See, Do, Repeat book.

In the classroom

I’ve also been fortunate to have been an educator and academic builder. Add entrepreneurship to your classroom or corporate training initiatives using our Podagogy and other educational approaches.

Work with me

Please reach out to explore having me join your company’s board, provide training for your employees, speak at your event, deliver a custom workshop, or for anything else you think might add value to your work.

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Where I come from and why I do this work

Mom and me circa 1965

So many people think they’re not special or lucky enough to make these kinds of things happen for themselves.

I want you to know that you don’t need to have gone to Stanford or Harvard. You don’t need to be Elon Musk. And it’s not about what degree you have – or don’t have.

You just need the right entrepreneurial mindset and practice, and perhaps some guidance from the right people.

This is a picture of me and my mom. She ran a small business in a small town, and I learned about perseverance, entrepreneurship, and all kinds of other principles from her.

I grew up in that small down and I didn’t go to any Ivy League schools. And back then we didn’t have entrepreneurship schools or frameworks.

I learned it from my mom. It’s the way she lived. And it’s the way I lived – the way she taught me to live.

Success is about being an ordinary person who makes extraordinary contributions to the world through entrepreneurial practice.

I want people to see entrepreneurship as a powerful transformative practice. I want them to succeed.

And I’m so very pleased you’re here.

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