00:00 • Introduction to Scott Reib and his work with entrepreneurs
01:21 • Scott’s background and journey as an attorney and entrepreneur
13:32 • The subscription model and the benefits for clients
20:42 • Shatterproofing businesses and the importance of protection
22:46 • Next Level Legal Coaching and the unique approach
24:20 • Incorporating technology into the coaching process
25:29 • Challenges of Incorporating Technology
26:14 • Remote Work and COVID-19
28:07 • Building the Company and Team
30:17 • Managing a Remote Workforce
33:10 • Mistakes in Legal Services for Entrepreneurs
35:34 • Importance of Personal Branding
38:21 • The Influence of Zig Ziglar
43:39 • Overcoming Challenges and Resilience
48:12 • Promoting the Book and Legal Services
49:19 • Final Advice: Talk to a Lawyer Early and Often

Episode takeaways
  • Scott Reib helps entrepreneurs navigate the legal system and reduce risk through his subscription-based legal consulting service.
  • He focuses on building shatterproof businesses that can withstand challenges and protect the owner’s vision.
  • Scott offers coaching and guidance on leadership, marketing, sales, and creating recurring revenue models.
  • He leverages technology to work with clients remotely and streamline processes. Incorporating technology into businesses can be challenging and expensive, so it’s important to be selective and avoid subscribing to too many platforms.
  • Being prepared for remote work prior to COVID-19 can give businesses a significant advantage in adapting to the new normal.
  • Building a company and team can involve a mix of in-office and remote employees, as well as contractors and vendors.
  • Managing a remote workforce requires intentional communication and tools like Slack to maintain culture and camaraderie.
  • Entrepreneurs should avoid running as sole proprietors and prioritize protecting their brand through trademark registration.
  • Personal branding is important for entrepreneurs, as it reflects their online presence and can impact their business.
  • Being connected to influential figures like Zig Ziglar can enhance credibility and open doors for business opportunities.
  • Overcoming challenges and remaining resilient is crucial for entrepreneurs, and taking ownership of mistakes is key to growth.
  • Scott Reib’s book, ‘The Shredderproof Entrepreneur,’ provides valuable insights into legal challenges for business owners.
  • Talking to a lawyer early and often is essential for entrepreneurs to navigate legal issues and protect their businesses.

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