00:00 • Introduction and Background
01:06 • What is FileStage?
03:10 • Motivation to Solve the Problem
04:31 • Starting Companies in Different Countries
05:58 • Advantages and Challenges of Starting a Company in Germany
07:27 • Building a Remote Company
09:22 • Importance of Company Culture and Vision
11:28 • Loneliness and Responsibility as a Founder
12:25 • Trust and Communication in a Co-Founder Relationship
15:31 • Managing Oneself as a Founder
26:42 • Challenges of Building Software and Finding Investors
28:06 • Evolution of the Company and Software Development
32:29 • Specific Use Cases of Filestage
36:27 • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Filestage
41:42 • Future of Filestage and Simplifying Content Creation
47:09 • Dealing with Challenges and Failure
51:05 • Advice for Entrepreneurs
53:06 • Connect with Filestage

Episode takeaways
  • FileStage is a tool that simplifies the process of sharing, reviewing, and approving content.
  • Germany offers support and funding for early-stage startups, but there is less capital available for later-stage companies compared to the US.
  • Building a remote company requires careful management of communication and the development of systems to maintain company culture.
  • Company culture and vision are crucial for attracting and retaining talented employees.
  • Being a founder can be both a burden and a blessing, requiring self-management and acceptance of personal limitations.
  • Trust and effective communication are essential in co-founder relationships.
  • Ownership and funding decisions should be carefully considered and may involve the involvement of business angels and venture capitalists. Building software can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding investors and managing their involvement.
  • Filestage has evolved over the years, starting as a video commenting tool and expanding to a VR tool used by big brands.
  • Filestage is used by marketing teams to manage content creation and localization for different markets.
  • Artificial intelligence is changing the content creation landscape, and Filestage aims to automate the review and approval process.
  • The future of Filestage involves simplifying the content creation process and ensuring brand consistency.
  • Resilience and the ability to overcome challenges and failure are crucial for success as an entrepreneur.
  • Advice for entrepreneurs includes finding a mentor and hiring a small elite team.
  • Listeners can connect with Filestage on their website and LinkedIn.

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