00:00 • The Evolution of Business and Technology
28:34 • The Transformative Power of Boating and Pursuing Dreams
31:29 • The Entrepreneurial Journey: Challenges and Rewards
53:03 • The Impact of Self-Responsibility and Positive Attitude

Episode takeaways
  • The importance of communication, passion, and continuous learning in entrepreneurship
  • The transformative role of AI in the yacht industry
  • The evolution of technology and its impact on business growth Pursue your passion and find purpose in what you do.
  • Entrepreneurship requires courage, determination, and a positive attitude.
  • Taking action and making decisions are essential for success.
  • Self-responsibility and self-awareness are key to personal and professional growth.

The En Factor® Podcast

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Hosted by Dr. Rebecca White

Our audience of aspiring and established entrepreneurs are inspired to persevere throughout their entrepreneurial journey. You will hear first-hand stories of success, resilience through failure, and how to become a master in your field.

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