00:00 • The Entrepreneurial Journey: From College to Trofeo
02:58 • The Power of Persistence and Mentorship in Entrepreneurship
05:56 • Building a Growth-Oriented Business: Strategy and Insights
09:47 • Raising Capital and Networking: Keys to Business Success
29:54 • The Mid-Market Opportunity: Cloud Strategy and Design
36:22 • Building a Strong Company Culture: The Trofeo Story
44:26 • Leadership Challenges and Lessons Learned
52:18 • The Value of Networking and Work-Life Balance

Episode takeaways
  • Persistence and mentorship are crucial for entrepreneurial success.
  • Networking and relationship building are essential for business growth and success.
  • Having a clear plan and goal for the business is important, whether it’s a growth-oriented company or a lifestyle business.
  • Raising capital and building a strong network of advisors and partners are key strategies for business growth and success. 
  • Building a strong network early in your career is crucial for future success.
  • Identifying gaps in the market and focusing on the mid-market can lead to business opportunities.
  • A strong company culture and a focus on business outcomes are essential for success.
  • Learning from failure and maintaining work-life balance are key aspects of leadership and personal growth.

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Our audience of aspiring and established entrepreneurs are inspired to persevere throughout their entrepreneurial journey. You will hear first-hand stories of success, resilience through failure, and how to become a master in your field.

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