00:00 • Introduction and Background
03:07 • Transitioning from Marketing to Entrepreneurship
05:48 • Starting Peri Hair and Product Development
08:15 • Challenges and Lessons Learned in Product Development
11:14 • The Importance of Networking in Entrepreneurship
12:21 • Distribution Strategy and Selling the Product
14:05 • Considering Crowdfunding as a Marketing Strategy
15:49 • Challenges and Strategies for Growing the Company
20:33 • Funding and Bootstrapping the Business
21:23 • The Story Behind the Name ‘Peri Hair’
22:16 • Product Expansion and Future Plans
24:53 • Targeting Hair Salons as a Market
27:19 • Balancing Multiple Roles as an Entrepreneur and a Mother
28:27 • Lessons Learned and Advice for Entrepreneurs
31:02 • Pricing Strategy and Market Positioning
32:53 • Prioritizing Marketing Efforts and Building a Brand
34:26 • Managing Multiple Roles and Finding Support
36:24 • Advice for Entrepreneurs: Find Your Passion and Plan Thoroughly
37:48 • Conclusion and Where to Find More Information

Episode takeaways
  • Peri Hair is a hair care company that focuses on scalp health and hair health, offering trichology-backed products that are natural and color-safe.
  • Entering a saturated market can be challenging, but finding a gap and developing a unique solution can lead to success.
  • Networking and building partnerships are crucial for reaching new markets and expanding the business.
  • Pricing should be based on market research and positioning the product competitively.
  • Balancing multiple roles as an entrepreneur and a mother requires effective time management and surrounding oneself with a supportive team.

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