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What is Podagogy™?

Podagogy™ combines the word pedagogy (which refers to the art and science of teaching and learning) with the word podcasts (which we’ve all got in our pockets today). In doing so, it provides a unique and remarkably engaging way of learning – when and where you and your team members need it most.

The upcoming Podagogy™ learning series is grounded in the powerful frameworks from Dr. Rebecca White’s book See, Do, Repeat and brings together some of the most insightful guests and learning moments on her acclaimed En Factor™ podcast.

You’ll go behind the scenes and get to know Dr. White’s podcast guests to explore how they leveraged successes, overcame failures, and grew their own personal practices. She’ll direct you right to the most insightful moments and distill what she hears using her own experiences as an entrepreneur and renowned innovation coach.

Accelerate your own entrepreneurial practice or strengthen your team’s skills with this relevant and deeply practical learning opportunity.

Hear from founder Dr. Rebecca White

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